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Who Are We?


Cindy L. Meadows

I'm originally from upstate New York. I moved to Texas in June 1985 and began working office and desktop publishing jobs. While working, I was afforded the opportunity to attend The University of Texas at San Antonio and have all expenses reimbursed with grades of A or B. Well, I managed to make the Dean's List every semester and graduated with honors on May 13, 1995 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. I then sat for the CPA exam in November 1995 and passed all four parts on my first attempt. I am not a licensed CPA because that would prohibit me from performing some of the services I do for my client now. I do, however, do research every year as to the tax law changes and send all clients an annual mailing summarizing some of the changes and elaborating on others. I have many clients that have been with me for 10-15 years and are located in many different states around the country.

Tax Preparer/Bookkeeper

Melissa Tallman

I have known Melissa for over 40 years and she started as a tax preparer at QAS in January 2022. She lives in Florida and will come to Texas to do tax return preparation from mid January thru mid May. She will then return to Florida and work on bookkeeping throughout the summer and fall. Her first tax season with the company was a big success and she learned a lot in a few short months. Beginning in 2023, Melissa will become a partner in the company and I look forward to many years of a successful partnership.

Company Profile​


The company began as Quick Computer Services in 1994 as a side business to build a client base while completing my BBA in Accounting at the University of Texas at San Antonio and working fulltime in the accounting industry to gain experience. In 1998, I quit my regular job to concentrate on the company and to continue building an accounting client base. In 2004, the company discontinued offering computer services and the company name was changed to Quick Accounting Services and was operated as a sole proprietorship. On August 15, 2016, I reformed the company into an LLC. Due to the fact I am not a licensed CPA, the State of Texas informed me I could not use the word "accounting" in my business name. Therefore, in an effort to keep my logo and my current recognition, I changed the name to Quick Account Services, LLC - and here we are today, almost 20 years later.

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